tend is a motion DESIGN studio focused on cultivated content.

Who is Tend?

Tend is a new motion design studio based in Longmont, Colorado. We aim to create high quality custom motion graphic and video content that is accessible to a wide range of clients.

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We work with all walks, from local breweries to national agencies, social influencers to studios, from sports teams to art museums.

We bring a data driven, analytic approach to the video production process from pre-production to final delivery.

Whether your project is small or large, whether your deadline is far out, or fast approaching, we can scale our team and infrastructure to support your needs.


Why Tend?

+ We’re Nimble

We attack each project backed by a scalable team of top freelance talent to ensure that the team tending to your project is exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t.

+ We Listen

We track & collect analytics from a variety of audiences and platforms to make real time, data backed, improvements to creative.

+ We Build Lasting Relationships

We take the initiative to get to know your brand and audience. We foster lasting relationships by having data to prove our deep knowledge of and benefit to your brand.


+ We Tend To All of Your Needs

•Creative & Art Direction

•Script & Copy Writing

•Story-Boarding & Animatics

•2D & 3D Motion Design

•Video Editing

•Projection Mapping

•Custom Social Media Packages

•Creative Performance Data Analytics


2019 Reel

This reel features work created throughout the career of Tom Ludlow, Tend Studio founder.

Stay tuned for the official Tend reel, summer 2019.

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Creative Director:

Tom Ludlow

Studio Manager:

Lindsay Ludlow

Mailing Address:

201 Coffman St #1014

Longmont CO 80501